John Roberts


John Roberts

A Housemasters DJ since 2017 and a serious lover of all things deep and Progressive.

A Housemasters DJ since 2018, John has been spinning cross genre sets since 1991 in various clubs throughout the North West of England. Starting with a love of playing early breaks, hardcore and Belgian techno before embracing the progressive house sound and concentrating on this throughout the 90’s and beyond.

During the 90’s he amassed a collection of some 9000+ records. John took a break in 2000 to focus on family life but got back into DJing in 2009 and has held residencies at several online radio stations since then. A set from John blurs the boundaries of house, progressive and techno to provide a unique journey. He tries to bring tracks that haven’t found mainstream appeal to the decks and is keen to take the listener on a journey.

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