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Trevor Fung

DJ Trevor Fung


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Trevor Fung presents, well he presents whatever he likes and we will smile as we listen. It's live and it's Trevor Fung, what else do you need to know? Tune in and catch a true groove master and dance culture legend in the mix.

DJ Trevor Fung

Trevor Fung

In the beginning, there was House music.

Trevor Fung is a well-known figure in the dance music scene. He started his DJing career at 16 and quickly gained a reputation for his knowledge of UK and American soul, funk, and jazz. In 1983, he was invited to play at Amnesia in Ibiza, where he showcased his mixed style of dance music.

In the mid-eighties, Trevor teamed up with Paul Oakenfold to set up “The Funhouse” club, playing similar sounds from his Ibiza experience along with the popular hip-hop and go-go music of the time. This led to the formation of his famous “The Project” club, strongly influenced by Balearic Beats and house music from Detroit and Chicago.

Trevor took “The Project Club” concept to Ibiza in 1987, where he opened a bar in San Antonio with Ian St. Paul, playing a unique mix of New Beat, Indie, Acid, and House music that later became known as “Balearic Beat.” His influence over fellow DJs, including Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker, and Danny Rampling, inspired them to launch seminal nights such as The Future, Spectrum, Shoom, The Land of Oz, Rage, Enter the Dragon, and Trip in London and beyond.

Today, Trevor continues to play at major festivals and residencies around the UK, including his own monthly residency in London called “The Sound of Higher Ground.” He also hosts other major club nights with renowned DJs and promoters such as Danny Krivit, Derrick May, Franck Roger, DJ Deep, Robert Owens, Matty Heilbronn, DJ Pierre, Phil Asher, Danny Rampling, and Stuart Patterson. Additionally, Trevor is an active ambassador for various charities, including Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Macmillan, and Groove School, raising awareness and funds for their causes.




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