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dj wearing headphones


A Housemasters presenter since 2018, Cliffy is a master set builder, always creating the perfect vibe.

With a 30-year journey through underground music culture, it’s fair to say Cliffy has a few strings to his musical bow. From hip-hop to rave, jungle to garage, and from bass to grime, he’s worked his way through various scenes as a DJ and promoter. His passion for new and exciting music has given him the opportunity to work with a range of artists and helped him build a CV to be very proud of.

For the last few years, Cliffy has focused on his love affair with house music, which he developed in the late nineties as a youngster. This evolved into a spell during the early noughties of building a DJ career around the funky house sounds from that time, with a number of local residencies. After then taking a break to focus on starting a young family,

Cliffy bounced back into the DJ game in 2011, inspired by the ‘anything goes’ mixture of bass music starting to form (dubstep, UK bass, crack house, etc.). This led to a surge of interest from promoters and a succession of club and radio residencies in the Midlands area.

Through working with brands like Clique Exclusive, Retro, Bushwackers, Code7 and many more, he has built a reputation for always delivering standout sets. You will find nothing but beautifully thought-out and diverse mixes.

Cliffy formed the Organics banner in 2016 and now focuses on nothing but raw house and tech in its truest forms.

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