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techno and house music online, top uk djs live shows

Well what can we say about this for a show with groove. Deep, beautiful, smooth, perfect. A real spanker of a DJ laying down a matching set live from Montreal, Canada. Recently, DJ Pako began working in collaboration with his long time friend DJ Freddo (Frederic Dubuc, a music partner for the last 25 years) to […]

HOUSEMASTERS FAQS To assist you and ensure you have nothing but an enjoyable time here on Housemasters radio, we have created this FAQ section.  The site is staffed and moderated 24 hours a day, If you need assistance please make contact with a staff member within The Lounge, via our Facebook fan page or via [...]
Blackbeard Records Presents - Greg Denbosa – Monitor BlackBeard Records presents his 5th release made in France With Greg Denbosa.  Monitor  is an ep worthy of the biggest Techno Scenes and we really like it here on Housemasters. Both dynamic and hypnotic, everything is together for this ep to be part of your playlist. Tracklist [...]
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banner for Teritorija Presents Hindi Riga
Hindi At Teritorija Riga HINDI is a new event with featuring the very best in melodic House & Techno music. Making its debut at Rigas number 1 underground venue, the Teritorija club 20th of April, with a special guest from London, Alex Zed from MoBlack Records and Chapter 24 Records. This event brings with it [...]
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Dave Clarke White Noise is the world's longest enduring Techno / Electro radio show, presented by the "Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke. Catch it here each week on Housemasters radio Ricky Montana The Sounds Of Rome, Dj, Producer and Remixer Ricky Montana showcases his typical House Music splashed with Funky, Disco, Soul, Blues and Jazz [...]
White Noise is the world's longest enduring Techno / Electro radio show, presented by the "Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke. “I’ve never been interested in what’s trendy and what’s not,” Clarke explains, “but the best music comes to me every single day and I want to share it.”
Prince - Sign "O" Times (Miura 303 Edit)                 Choosing a single high point from Prince’s glorious run in the ’80s is impossible, but Sign o’ the Times surely stands as his most complex and varied statement. Prince played and recorded the album using now-vintage late ’80s technology [...]
303 presents Patrice Baumel 4hr set So it's time to roll out the first big announcement of 2019 and one we've been working on for a while. Who better to kick us off in the Tunnels than arguably one of the biggest DJs on the scene, PATRICE BAUMEL. Patrice blew us away at the Invisible [...]

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