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The Electric Circuit Best Of 2023

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The Electric Circuit Best Of 2023

Two hours of the finest House and Tech from the Electric Circuit Show 2023

Listen again or catch up with the best of 2023 from NatasK and his Electric Circuit radio show here on Housemasters radio. This is a little over two hours of silky grooves from the world of house music and melodic Techno.


gravity – Add-us
kaleidoscope – Bestan
gonna get you real good – Tom Zeta
Looking for a Dream – Ashkan Dian
Elementary – Meeting Molly
Night after Night – Camel Phat
Voyager – Odra
Panic Ignition – Rafael Cerato
Glow – Rebuke
Intelligence(extended) – Pavel Patrov
Whispers – Lehar
The Connection – Miss Monique
Lets get it Right – Royksopp
Juno Love – Nico Morano
All Over My Body – Superchumbo
Awake(julian koerndl ext) – Model Kollektiv
Powerful Whisper – Karisma
Only one – SOHMI
Show me – Paride Saraceni
Paradigma – Vomee
Let the People know – Lehar
Losing my Mind – Zaira and Sam Weldt
New Universe – Thomas Beyer
Ghosts Again(Massaro rmx) – Depeche Mode
 Baby Again – Skrillex and Four Tet
Space Beyond – Meloko and Azzur
Skynet – Nihil Young
Dear Friend – Super Flu
Young Lover – Paige, and Biishop
All the Matters – Troels Abrahamsen and ARTB

Best of 2023The Electric Circuit

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