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Deep is just that, 2 hours of the very best deep grooves lovingly compiled and mixed by our man Dru Lewis. Featuring the latest deep house music as well as past year gems, this is a show to turn up and enjoy

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Dru Lewis started DJing in his teens, inspired by 90’s Rave and Jungle mix tapes, eventually gravitating towards House Music. Over the prevailing 25 years, Dru has drawn influence from a varied musical palette, from techno to Reggae, Soul to Latin. Still an avid collector, Dru prefers to play vinyl, selecting up front deep house, […]

MIXMAG live stream in celebration of the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer More on Richie Hawtin: For the very first time, Mixmag Live departed the UK and arrived in the United States. Deservingly, New York City was the first to host Mixmag Live abroad. Brooklyn's premier nightclub Output hosted Mixmag Live's debut in North America, [...]
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Soulful pleasure is just the vibe we love here for a Monday on Housemasters Radio. Soulful vocal House music is the perfect vibe to start the week and all mixed together by our man DJ starfrit.

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Parkys tastes in music all started as a young lad loving the synthesizers and sampled sounds around at the time. Heavilly influenced by the sounds coming over the Atlantic from the states and the sounds of break dance and hip hop My interest then followed into the house music of the time, i was rather intrigued by […]

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image of Trevor Fung, UK top dj
Trevor Fung In the beginning there was House Music… TREVOR began his DJing career at 16 and was quickly earning a reputation for his taste and knowledge of both UK and American Soul Funk and Jazz. In 1983 through his European tastes and connections, Trevor was invited to play at Amnesia in Ibiza to spin [...]
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Jim Pape is a dj and producer from the North of England. He has been dj’ing for 25 years  having got his first set of decks at the age of 18. In the early 80's heavily into hip hop / electro and got into house music as soon as I heard the first house tracks [...]
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Mark Booth was always in to electronic sounds when younger, then he caught the “house” bug. "I can recall hearing house music being blasted out from boogie boxes around my school. I can clearly remember House Nation and being blown away by it". As things moved on he started going out and loved all the [...]
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dj kwik, top djs in Thailand profile image
DJ Kwik started mixing music & DJing in Chicago during the birth of house music in the early '80's. He DJ'd alongside Chicago's world-famous DJ Gene Hunt in his basement, at house parties and a few local (Chicago Westside) venues. DJ Kwik’s style goes back to his Chicago roots (Frankie Knuckles, Farley "JackMaster" Funk, Kenny [...]
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DJ Starfrit Our man from Canada, DJ Starfrit joined Housemasters mid 2016 and what an impression he has made with us. Ok, his first few tracks scared us as they had a bit of an EDM theme but after we spat our coffees at our laptops he flipped the tracks and instantly became the DJ [...]

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