MC Conrad: A Revolutionary Voice in Drum and Bass

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MC Conrad: A Revolutionary Voice in Drum and Bass

MC “Conrad” Thompson leaves an unparalleled legacy as “one of the best-loved voices” in the scene.

The late MC Conrad, born Conrad Thompson (1972–2024), remains an iconic figure in the dynamic landscape of drum and bass, celebrated for his fluid lyricism and commanding stage presence.

Originating from the UK, Conrad’s musical journey commenced in the late 1980s, fuelled by an unwavering passion for hip-hop and the pulsating rhythms of house music. However, it was the magnetic allure of drum and bass that ultimately captured his imagination, propelling him into a realm where he would etch his name in the annals of music history.

What truly distinguished Conrad was his unique MCing style—a departure from the frenetic, hype-driven approach favoured by many of his contemporaries. Instead, he favoured a more introspective, narrative-driven expression that seamlessly interwove with the genre’s sonic tapestry.

MC Conrad & LTJ Bukem in a club performing some drum and bass to a big club crowd
MC Conrad & LTJ Bukem

Throughout the 1990s, MC Conrad solidified his presence in the drum and bass scene, particularly through his collaborations with LTJ Bukem. Together, they embarked on a sonic odyssey, pushing boundaries with the revolutionary Logical Progression series. Their performances transcended mere music, evolving into cultural phenomena that resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. Bukem’s ethereal compositions, complemented by Conrad’s evocative verses, offered listeners a transformative, immersive experience, forging an indelible connection with the genre.

Conrad’s influence extended far beyond the confines of the stage, elevating the role of MC within drum and bass to newfound prominence. Often relegated to a supporting role behind DJs, MCs like Conrad demonstrated their transformative potential, enriching the auditory landscape without overshadowing the music itself.

The release of Conrad’s seminal album ‘Vocalist 01’ served as a testament to his artistry, showcasing the versatility and depth of his vocal prowess. Beyond his collaborations with Bukem, Conrad’s creative spirit flourished in partnerships with a diverse array of producers and DJs, infusing the scene with innovation and a fresh lyrical perspective.

Offstage, Conrad emerged as a vocal advocate for the evolution and preservation of drum and bass, championing the genre’s artistic integrity while embracing its ever-evolving nature. His insights and wisdom, garnered from years of experience, proved invaluable to aspiring artists navigating the intricacies of the music industry.

Despite his untimely passing, MC Conrad’s legacy will forever inspire new generations of MCs and musicians, underscoring the transformative power of poignant lyrics and a commanding stage presence. As drum and bass continues to evolve, Conrad’s indelible imprint ensures his place as a pioneering force within the genre, forever etched in its rich tapestry of sound and culture.

MC "Conrad" Thompson (1972–2024)
MC “Conrad” Thompson (1972–2024)


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