Diggin Deep

Presented by DJ Jimbo

Diggin Deep features the funky and melodic. A little piano, rave, Oldskool and of course, some very nice new grooves live in the mix.


Jimbo started DJing in 1984, a youngster at school with a £3 budget to buy a new record each week, he played to a few hundred fellow school children each Saturday night. This led to a job with a mobile DJ when he left school. “I did this for a while until I got sacked for playing too much dance music. Ironic huh?”

During the early days of the rave scene and till today, music has always played an important part in his life which has seen him recently start DJing again with vinyl for various online radio shows. His growing vinyl collection assists him in “keeping away from digital formats”. Genres he most enjoys playing include: House Music, Oldskool, Rave and grooves from the mid 80s and onwards. “If its good its good and if it fits with the way I feel on the night, then I will play it.

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