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Scott Hardie Presents – Underground Beyond 33

micScott HardietodayNovember 4, 2023 40

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Underground Beyond Abstract image of underground rail line tunnel

Scott Hardie Presents – Underground Beyond 33

Listen again or catch up with the latest edition of the Underground Beyond show with Scott Hardie.


1. Colorblind – Ry & Olafur Arnalds
2. Illusionist – Paul Baule
3. Comfort In Void – Mia Mendi
4. Vida – Sebastian Weikum
5. Stay The Same – Just Her
6. Always You – Just Her
7. Orphea – Propal
8. Falling Upward – Noel Sanger
9. Ressurection – Diode Eins
10. Veritas – Tim French, Phill Jubb
11. Saturn Encounters – Kaito Aman, Darren Bray
12. Lucid Dreams – Ultraverse

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