Trademark Tiff Tango: EasyGroup Takes on DJ Easyfun for the Crime of Beats and Bad Taste

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Trademark Tiff Tango: EasyGroup Takes on DJ Easyfun for the Crime of Beats and Bad Taste

Because Nothing Screams ‘Budget Flights’ Like a DJ and an Air Crash on an EP Cover”

Oh, look who’s feeling threatened in the world of easy-breezy branding! easyGroup, the illustrious parent company of everything “easy,” has decided to flex its legal muscles against electronic music producer and DJ, Easyfun. Because, you know, the world might just confuse a DJ with an airline. Strap in for the trademark melodrama!

According to easyGroup, Easyfun is allegedly engaging in some top-notch mimicry of their oh-so-famous branding to score quick recognition for his DJing escapades. Because obviously, when you think of low-cost flights, you immediately think of dropping beats in a club. They’re not having any of it and have launched a trademark infringement case. Cue the legal theatrics.

PC Music, the label that spawned this dangerous branding imitator, and its overlord, A.G Cooke, are also roped into the legal circus. Because why go after just one when you can make it a party?

Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance – Easyfun’s EP, ‘Deep Trouble,’ from 2015. Apparently, it depicts a “serious air crash.” Oh, the horror! easyGroup is clutching its trademark pearls, decrying the artwork as both “bad taste” and a potential reputation-ruiner for the beloved easyJet. Because, you know, associating a DJ’s EP cover with an airline crash is exactly what keeps people up at night.

In a riveting turn of events, Easyfun, aka Finn Keane, has responded to Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s legal henchmen. He’s all, “Chill out; it’s just a joke.” It’s so obvious that it’s tongue-in-cheek, right? Still, Finn has reluctantly changed the EP cover, lest he wants to be caught in a legal dance-off with the behemoth that is easyGroup.

This marks round two for easyGroup this year, as they previously took issue with English indie rockers Easy Life. Because who wouldn’t mistake a rock band for an airline? The band, ever the jesters, apologised for any confusion—you know, for accidentally teleporting fans to Tenerife instead of a concert. Oopsie!

So, there you have it, folks—the thrilling saga of easyGroup bravely defending the sanctity of its branding against the menacing forces of musicians who dared to name themselves something vaguely reminiscent of cheap flights. Stay tuned for more legal acrobatics in the world of easy-enforcement!

Written by: HMR

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