Decade Old Frankie Knuckles Remix Gets Released

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Frankie Knuckles

Decade Old Frankie Knuckles Remix Gets Released

A Double tribute with Ultra Naté’s Classic Track ‘Waiting On You’.

In a remarkable musical revelation, the house music duo of Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper, known collectively as Director’s Cut, have unearthed a remix that had remained hidden for an entire decade. This track breathes new life into a disco classic, “Waiting On You,” originally performed by Ultra Naté and featuring Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. The original song was part of Ultra Naté’s 2013 album ‘Hero Worship,’ and it has now been masterfully transformed into an uplifting house anthem.

Reflecting on this creative endeavour, Ultra Naté shared her thoughts, stating, “The remix was a special project, blessed by my mentor and big brother, the legendary Frankie Knuckles, often hailed as ‘The Godfather of House Music.’ At the time, he was resuming his remix and production work alongside Eric Kupper under the ‘Director’s Cut’ alias.”

What makes this release even more poignant is the fact that it received the seal of approval from Frankie Knuckles himself before his untimely passing in 2014, as reported by and later confirmed by Ultra Naté.

The timing of this release is significant, as it coincided with Frankie Knuckles Day on August 25th. This annual celebration in Chicago pays homage to the late producer who played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of house music.

“‘Waiting On You’ has always held a special place in the ‘Hero Worship’ album, and there couldn’t be a more fitting moment than now to share it in honour of Frankie Knuckles Day,” added Ultra Naté.

Frankie Knuckles, often referred to as the ‘Godfather of House Music,’ left an indelible mark on the genre during the 1980s when house music was gaining prominence in Chicago. His passing in 2014 marked the end of an era, as he had battled prolonged health issues. He was 59 years old.

Eric Kupper, Knuckles’ longtime collaborator, fondly reminisced on Twitter, “As we celebrate Frankie Knuckles Day tomorrow, August 25, I’m posting this pic of the last time Frankie and I played together, 10 years ago, October 2013 at ADE in Amsterdam. I miss you so much, my brother Frankie. Thanks for watching over me and guiding me musically.”

Listeners can now immerse themselves in the mesmerising world of Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper’s remix of ‘Waiting On You.’ This release serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring influence and creative brilliance of two titans in the world of electronic music.

Written by: HMR

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  1. Mark Bailey on September 18, 2023

    Frankie Knuckles, an absolute legend, not only a great producer but one of the best behind the decks. Saw him at Rise at the Leadmill in Sheffield mid 90’s, one of the best sets I ever witnessed.

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