Introducing the Pioneer PLX-CRSS12

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Introducing the Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 advertising banner showing the new pioneer turntable

Introducing the Pioneer PLX-CRSS12

A Revolutionary Hybrid Turntable Marrying Analog and Digital Magic.

Pioneer have released the PLX-CRSS12, this hybrid turntable seamlessly integrating the timeless essence of analog vinyl with the boundless capabilities of modern digital technology. Emerging from the esteemed lineage of the PLX-1000, this advancement represents a significant milestone in the evolution of turntable technology, catering to audiophiles with an appreciation for tradition and contemporary DJs seeking a versatile toolset.

The PLX-CRSS12 offers a sophisticated interface between analog and digital environments, affording DJs an array of creative avenues. Its Magvel Clamp, a thoughtfully designed feature, not only facilitates optimal scratching technique but also acts as a portal to the Digital Vinyl System (DVS), enabling the manipulation of digital tracks with the tactile familiarity of vinyl manipulation.

Positioned prominently, the PLX-CRSS12 showcases a trio of break switch options—instant stop, short stop, and medium stop—providing DJs with nuanced control over their performances. Further enhancing versatility, the turntable integrates performance buttons such as the esteemed Hot Cue and Sampler controls. Seamlessly interfacing with compatible DJ software and mixers, this integration unlocks the full potential of the digital vinyl domain.

For adherents of analog precision, the PLX-CRSS12 boasts a direct drive turntable featuring gold-plated RA terminals, ensuring an audio experience of unparalleled refinement. This meticulous engineering guarantees an acoustic richness that surpasses even its predecessor, the PLX-1000, serving as a testament to Pioneer’s unwavering commitment to sonic excellence.

Priced at £1,199, the Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 stands as a testament to technological ingenuity and musical artistry. Whether you are an audiophile seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation or a DJ poised to explore new sonic landscapes, this hybrid turntable beckons.

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