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HMR Classics: Bitin’ Back – She’s Breaking Up

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HMR Classics: Bitin’ Back – She’s Breaking Up

A hardcore classic that slammed the floors in 91!

Released in 1991 on the Fokus Recordings label Bitin’ Back – She’s Breaking Up was a track that had heads flung back and eyes closed as the floor erupted with this hardcore beauty that became and instant hit across the land.

“She’s Breaking Up” is a simple yet effective track, with the main drum break lifted from James Brown’s “Funky Drummer,” a sample that has been used countless times in hip-hop and dance music. However, Finn’s use of the break is masterful, with tight, precise editing and clever use of filters and effects to create a sound that is both raw and futuristic.

Bitin’ Back’s “She’s Breaking Up” was Micky Finn’s first attempt at making music, almost an accidental track. He was experimenting with a sampler and a drum machine, and he stumbled upon the iconic “Funky Drummer” break that forms the backbone of the track. From there, he built up the rest of the elements, including the synths and bassline, using his own intuition and creativity.

Micky Finn
Micky Finn

Despite its humble origins, “She’s Breaking Up” quickly caught the attention of DJs and fans on the UK dance scene. Its raw, gritty sound and frenzied energy stood out among the more polished and commercial tracks of the era. It also helped establish Finn as a formidable producer in his own right, paving the way for his subsequent collaborations with other jungle luminaries like Aphrodite and DJ Hype.

Looking back on “She’s Breaking Up” today, it’s clear that the track has lost none of its power and impact. Its use of classic breaks and samples, combined with Finn’s own sonic experimentation, still sounds fresh and exciting. It remains a testament to the creative spirit and DIY ethos that defined the early days of our music scene, and a reminder of the enduring influence of Micky Finn’s pioneering work in the genre.

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