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HMR Classics: Shades Of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden

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HMR Classics: Shades Of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden

A timeless classic of dance music that continues to uplift listeners!

“Sound of Eden” was a defining moment for Shades of Rhythm, and helped to establish them as one of the leading lights of the UK rave scene. The group, which formed in 1989, had already made a name for themselves with their early releases on the label ZTT, including the singles “Homicide” and “Frequency”. But “Sound of Eden” was their breakthrough hit, and remains their most famous and enduring track.

The track opens with a simple but catchy piano melody, which gradually builds in intensity as the drums and bass kick in. The rhythm is fast and frenetic, with a four-on-the-floor beat that propels the track forward. The vocals, provided by lead singer Rayan Gee, are uplifting and soulful, simple but effective, conveying a message of unity and positivity that resonated with ravers of the time and still hold true the feeling.

The legacy of “Sound of Eden” can be seen in the countless remixes, covers, and samples that have been created over the years. The track has been reworked by a wide range of artists, including Paul Oakenfold, DJ Zinc, and Utah Saints. Its influence can be heard in the work of countless dance producers and DJs, who have taken inspiration from its euphoric energy and uplifting spirit.





Written by: HMR

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  1. JJ PARKER on June 3, 2023

    Blue monkey classic. the lights the lasers the feeling the love !!!!! always had a hug for alison 🙂

  2. HMR on April 5, 2023

    I have always loved this tune and a great number of remixes too; it’s a proper mood lifter for sure!

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