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We Review- Santonio Echols- SWX 006

Written by on 23/12/2019

WE REVIEW – Santonio Echols 6267 EP

Sudd Wax Records- SWX006

“Authorial deep house, groovy, classic underground tunes to provide only the finest deep moods.”

[SWX006] Santonio Echols

Santonio Echols Detroit also known at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) and Detroit Dancer Records, the one behind D Records presents 6267 EP on Sudd WAX 6th release. Two authorial deep house, groovy, classic underground dance-floor tunes. And a special co-production with Mike Anderson.

Written by Santonio Echols Detroit
Featuring Mike Anderson

Distribution Juno Records

Mastering Felipe Charret Mastering

Release date: January 2020

Diving Into It

When people start a conversation about the “Detroit Sound” Santonio Echols is always one of the first to come up. When you add Sudd Records into the mix, things get more exhilarating. The 6267 EP brings modern sounds and Lush Deep House with respect to the underground. All the while, providing the most first class of sophisticated vibes.

First, on the 6267 EPs  first track “Blue Skies” thick, chunky drum edits blend together with a classic whistle sample. It blends into an uplifting and bouncy tune, embracing the origins of Techno, House and the Detroit sound.

Next up, the second track of the 6267 EP “Share Me Baby.” Mike Anderson assists on writing and co production. A soulful vocal adds layers of warmth to this brilliant groove. An inviting bass line comes together with strategic drum edits on this Deep House record and is certain to fit the most pickiest of listeners.

Then, “Overflow” the third release of the 6267 EP. It shows a nod to the classic tech infused house track. Its uplifting groove will drive a dance floor into a frenzy.

In closing, the 6267 EP will be available on vinyl from Sudd Records. This is another timeless release from one of the originators of American techno. Each track has been skillfully produced and engineered to enhance the listening experience. Every track of this EP provides the deepest grooves, funky drums, and leaves a dance floor dripping for more.

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