With over thirty years in the entertainment business, Cedric “DJ Ced” Martin has come a long way from humble beginnings in the small town of Pritchard, Alabama. Inspired by the love and lessons from his parents, Dorothy and Bennie Martin, and his grandparents, Robert and Dora Lee Stallworth, Ced knew it would take hard work […]

Kenny first laid his hands on a pair of turntables in 1996 and from that day, has never looked back. “It all started watching Juice” He started scratch mixing with hip hop and then became a Trance kid around 98 (we forgive him for this). “I had always loved House but it wasn’t until 98 […]

DJ B is new to the DJ world, he had joined us as a listener and over the course of a few months last year we pestered him to come on board and have a try as a DJ, the rest as they say, is history. New or not, the guy knows how to build […]

Kevin’s introduction to the scene came through a local DJ and putting together a record collection based on what he was hearing in the bar he worked at. As his record collection began to grow, an opportunity arose to cover one of his friend’s residencies. Thrown in at the deep end, armed with his collection […]

Chimp studio and DJ CHiMP are the creation of Rob Ward a long serving web developer and graphic designer who after many years of wanting to perform live but couldn’t beatmatch to save his life, discovered the ‘SYNC’ button. His interest in electronic music started while being force fed religion in a Huddersfield church during […]

John has been spinning cross genre sets since 1991 in various clubs throughout the North West of England. Starting with a love of playing early breaks, hardcore and Belgian techno before embracing the progressive house sound and concentrating on this throughout the 90’s and beyond. During the 90’s he amassed a collection of some 9000+ […]

Parkys tastes in music all started as a young lad loving the synthesizers and sampled sounds around at the time. Heavilly influenced by the sounds coming over the Atlantic from the states and the sounds of break dance and hip hop My interest then followed into the house music of the time, i was rather intrigued by […]

Mark was always in to electronic sounds when younger, then he caught the “house” bug. “I can recall hearing house music being blasted out from boogie boxes around my school. I can clearly remember House Nation and being blown away by it”. As things moved on he started going out and loved all the raves […]

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