The Future of Housemasters Radio

Why We’re Making Changes to Our Funding Model.

As the owner of Housemasters radio I want to inform you about some significant changes to the funding model of our station, and I wanted to share the details with you. I understand that this may be a delicate situation for some, however, I have faith recognition of the long-term benefits of this new model will be shared and that you all will support us in making this transition and remain as valued DJs on our home of music.

Our station has been operating on a non-obligatory subscription and donation model, which has been instrumental in covering our running costs. However, as we grow and expand into 2024 and our tenth year, we recognise the need for a more sustainable and secure funding model, one which is fair for all and with all participating.

This new subscription-based model that will ensure the legal and financial stability of Housemasters radio, and ultimately, enable us to offer more opportunities to all our DJs. To that end, from 1st August 2023, all DJs who wish to perform on our platform will be required to enter into a monthly subscription plan of £7.99. We appreciate that this change may be challenging for some of you, however, it is essential for the long-term security and success of our station.

The new subscription plan will provide numerous benefits to our DJs, including:

With the new subscription model, we will be able to afford the cost of our broadcast license, which ensures that we operate within the bounds of the law. This means that our DJs can have peace of mind knowing that they are performing on a legitimate and legal platform, which reflects positively on them as artists and helps to enhance our overall reputation as a station.

  • On-site promotion: As a Housemasters Radio subscriber, you’ll get featured in the replay section of our website and have your replay scheduled within our programming, which will give you additional exposure and drive more listeners to your show. Additionally, your show will be promoted in our online magazine, which features articles and reviews about the latest music trends and events.
  • Social media promotion: We’ll promote your show on our social media channels. We’ll also create custom graphics and visuals for your show to help it stand out and attract more listeners.
  • Paid platform placement: As a subscriber, we’ll promote your show on paid platforms like Mixcloud, which will help you reach an even wider audience and attract more fans. We’ll cover the cost of these promotions so that you can focus on creating great content.
  • Email marketing: We’ll include your show in our regular email newsletters, which go out to thousands of music fans who have expressed interest in our content. This will give you additional exposure and help you build a loyal following over time.
  • Promotion of the station and individual shows through Google AdSense and other paid advertising channels, to reach a wider audience and promote the talent of our DJs.
  • Cross-promotion: We’ll work with you to cross-promote your show with other Housemasters Radio DJs and shows, which will help you build relationships within our community and attract listeners who are interested in similar styles of music.
  1. Long-term stability: A subscription model provides a more stable and sustainable business model compared to relying solely on donations or advertising revenue, which can be more volatile and unpredictable.

We will be able to save and afford an annual Housemasters event. This event will be a significant opportunity for our DJs to showcase their talent and gain exposure while bringing together our listeners and partners. The event will create a platform for networking, collaboration, and celebration of our shared love of house music. It will also provide a chance for us to show our appreciation for your contributions to the station’s success. We are excited about the possibilities this event will bring, including the scope for further advertising, business partnerships and revenue.

In addition to these benefits, this new model will ensure Housemasters can continue to cover the costs of operations and provide the solid platform you need to perform. In conclusion it’s vital to remember the importance of our working together, ensuring the legal and financial stability of our station,  its long-term security and longevity. Only together can we can take Housemasters Radio to new heights and become more than just a great place on the internet.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to continuing to work with you. I have anticipated some questions you may have, so have tried to answer with hopefully helpful and reassuring answers HERE or to create subscription


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