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Housemasters founder Void has been behind the decks since the late eighties and the birth of Acid House music. In his 30+ years of spinning, he has performed around the world alongside the likes of M-People, Byron Stingily, 2ManyDjs, and many more. From clubs to some of the world’s largest festivals, including T In The Park, the Reading Festival, and the World X Games, his live shows are always varied and eclectic in style, with an emphasis on total floor control and what he calls “a wall of sound.”.

A real lover of the deeper sounds of dance music, he’s not an anthem guy, preferring to play the more obscure tracks to create more of a “mind-hitting” set. “A DJ can make people happy on a dance floor; of course I like to do that, but I also like to create lost heads too.”.

Void founded Housemasters Radio in 2014 as a place for real music lovers to gather and perform. Based in Latvia, he now gigs very occasionally; his time is now spent juggling between the Housemasters site and his family.

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