A Housemasters presenter since July 2014, Parky pleases everyone with his eclectic and surprising sets.

Parkys’ tastes in music all started as a young lad loving the synthesisers and sampling sounds around at the time. Heavily influenced by the sounds coming over the Atlantic from the states and the sounds of break dance and hip hop
My interest then followed into the house music of the time; i was rather intrigued by Chicago house and Detroit techno in the early days, which by the 90’s in the UK had seemed to evolve into what we now call “acid house “ & “rave”

Around 1999, I got into making my own tracks, trying to capture that 1990’s dance music sound.
Producing was my first thing, but i was always a bit of a bedroom DJ. Since 1999, I have always had a setup of synths and a setup to mix sounds. It has always been a hobby of mine, just messing with sounds and beats.
It wasn’t until maybe 2008 that i actually tried online streaming, and I’ve been loving it since.
I tend to be into mixing retro classics from 88 onwards but love any sort of house, techno, acid, and breaks; that’s my thing!

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