A Housemasters DJ since 2021, UK based DJ Marty has been spinning tunes for over 30 years.

A Housemasters since 2021 Marty’s story Started as a “Rave ” punter back in 1991/2, and due to developing a friendship with a North East DJ called Adrian Street, started buying vinyl. “I used to go with DJDC (Dave Cook) from Sunderland when he went to The Venue in Spennymoor for the 10-12 warm-up set, and as I had tunes, the owners asked me if I wanted to DJ in the chill out room”.

Eventually he started doing the 10-12 set in the main room, and on April 24th 1994 (his Birthday) they let him play at Midnight-2am. From that point on I was main room resident as well as playing the chill out room. Italian Synth was my main staple, and I played all over the North East. 96-99ish I was playing Trance orientated sounds and played along with Kenny Sharp and Pete Gawtry (Pedro Delgardo) down in West Yorkshire.

Nowadays am more into progressive house and trance (always loved progressive house, eve before i knew what it was), but only really played Internet Radio shows since about 2002. Occasional guest slots around the North East now and again.

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Resident DJ

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