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DJ Starfrit


Soulful House

Soulful Pleasure

Presented Live By DJ Starfrit

Soulful Pleasure Soulful pleasure is just the vibe we love here for the start of your week on Housemasters Radio. Soulful, vocal House music is the perfect vibe to start the week and all mixed together by our man DJ Starfrit.

DJ Starfrit

Our man from Canada, DJ Starfrit joined Housemasters mid 2016 and what an impression he has made with us. Ok, his first few tracks scared us a little, they had a bit of an EDM theme but after we spat our coffees at our laptops, he flipped the tracks and instantly became the DJ Starfrit we love.

A multi genre DJ, the man has some serious knowledge when it comes to dance music, his History sets being pure class. If you want to hear the very best of what rocked and made House music back in the day or catch what’s hot right now, then this DJ is your DJ!

It’s all fun for Martin and this comes across in his sets massively. A bit more than a hobbyist but as a dedicated family man, DJing is just that, a hobby, so no massive history to talk about here, instead we can talk for hours over his music, the presentation of it whilst offering thanks for his joining us.


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