Andy Artus


Host of the Utopia show, Andy has been a Housemasters DJ since 2023 and has been honing his craft for many years. His DJ sets are characterised by meticulously smooth transitions and track selections that span a wide range of genres, including house, breaks, techno, and everything in between.

He has shared the stage at events all over the country. with renowned artists like Jon Da Silva, Graham Park, Alistair Whitehead, and Blue Amazon, to name a few.  Along with his radio show Andy is actively involved in event promotions. His guests on the show have included top-notch DJs like Erich Von Kollar, Aubrey Fry, Tim French, Kiz Pattison, Sam Kitt, Jonatan Romanda, Not Demure, and Ian Dillon, among others.

Andy’s passion for high-energy music with groovy basslines is contagious, and he is sure to keep you engaged and wanting more.


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PresenterUnited Kindom

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