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Void Presents – Void Emotions EP3

micVOIDtodayApril 16, 2023 84 41 5

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VOID Presents - Void Emotions

Void Presents – Void Emotions EP3

The Deepest Leftfield, Electronica and Tech grooves live in the mix.

The latest edition of the Void Emotions show on Housemasters radio is two hours of superb deepness in the mix. Aired early Sunday morning, it set the vibe for the day and the DJs to follow.

A real mix of genres and styles, hopefully creating something fresh and fun to listen to.


Farron – WH Respiration
DJ Pembroke – Distant Moon
Luigi Tozzi – Mesopelagic Zone
Terrestrial Access Network – Voltage Anagnorisis
Carlton Doom – What Lies Within
Tin Man – Acid Effects
Those Busy Circuits
Tu Nay (Liquid Earth Remix)
4TGANG – Get Me
A1DJ wav  – Enerugi
A3DJ wav  – Abyssal Zone
Anderson – Bluejay Beats
Animal Party, Acote – Assassin Bug
Atom TM & tobias. – One Final Thing (Not Zero)
Automatic Tasty – Romance in the Old Country
Aux 88 – Sonic Boom
Avision – Baby
Avision – No Disco
Ben Sims – Xotunc
Between Ourselves, INVŌKER – This Can’t Be It
Big Miz – Glass Sandwiches
Blair Sound Design – City of Clouds Well Being Remix
Colkin so mind – Hot Night Breaks
Cygnus – Subterrestials 1
Dawl – Im Confused
Derek Carr – Search for Intelligence
DJ Crisps – Dangerous
Dubrunner – Zoyas Trip
Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca
Mr. Ho – Ngomee (ft. Xiaolin)
POD – Myopsis
POD – Myopsis (Ten Miles High Mix)
Ross Kiser – That Look
On & On
Future Beat Alliance – Window to the World


Leftfield / Electronica

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