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VOID Presents – Void Emotions EP1

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VOID Presents – Void Emotions EP1

The Deepest Leftfield, Electronica and Tech grooves live in the mix.

The first show of 2023 for VOID on Housemasters radio and a new slot time for the show, now aired Sunday mornings. Episode one is just under two hours of superbly deep grooves, there’s plenty of melodic deepness with waves of tech, electro, leftfield and electronica all creating a perfect start to your Sundays on Housemasters radio. Not too hard, not to heavy but a musical Goldie Locks zone for your morning vibe.

VOID Presents – Void Emotions EP1 is definitely one for the headphones, it’s a thought provoking ride through the latest tracks from January and a few oldies to set the vibe. Enjoy!

Void Emotions airs live alternative Sundays on Housemasters, kicking off the days live action from 10 am GMT. Serious vibes and beautiful music, all mixed up for your listening pleasure. Make sure you join in the action and pay a visit to The Lounge, our friendly chatroom, alternate Sundays for Void Emotions.


Ceephax – Leesti

Ceephax – Ventlaris

Chris Korda / Andre Baum – Forgive Yourself

Chris Korda / Andre Baum – Forgive Yourself (Chris Korda Version)

Hermit In A Rave Cave – Sentimental Proverbs

Seb Hall / Moodhay – Sunwave

Grande Serenade – Theory Of Movement

Datahata – The Lower Court

Freque Boutique – Dimensions (original Mix)

Protect-U – Followthru

Freque Boutique – Outward

Hieroglyphic Being – when Situations Get 2 Deep

Paolo Mosca – Fake Reality

Amor Satyr / Siu Mata – Lights Off

Ole Mic Odd – Acid Turbo

Gen-Y – Time Is Death

Hardone / Fragrance – Things We Never Did (original mix)

Hadone – What I was Running From (original mix)

Ceephax – Waystation


Leftfield / ElectronicaVoid Emotions

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