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HMR Halloween Event Presents: Scott Hardie

micScott HardietodayOctober 29, 2023 30 5 5

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Housemasters Halloween Event Weekend

HMR Halloween Event Presents: Scott Hardie

Three big hours of grooves from Scott Hardie

Listen again or catch up with Scott’s massive contribution to this year’s Halloween event on Housemasters radio.



1. Acceptance – Synkro
2.Changes – Synkro
3.Transient – Synkro
4.Guidance – Synkro, Indigo
5.Comfort In Void – Mia Mendi
6.Magic Time – Apnitus, John Moore
7.Last Night – Stereo Mind
8.Distant Memories – Stereolynk, Ranj Kaler
9.Analogue Sky – Arqade
10.Bright Horizon – Mimram
11.Your Mind – Kaamin, Parallel Voices
12.No Longer Since Thursday – Abdomen Burst
13.Seen Things – Darren Bray
14.Juno – Daniel Helmstedt
15.Let’s Just – Tommy Farrow
16.Passing Lights – Plaha
17.Born Under The Moon – Brimstone
18.I Drive – Cliff Martinez
19.Sea Of Sound – Max Cooper
20.Micron – Max Cooper
21.Flying Above The Ocea – Julien Vertigo
22.Mission One – Roger Silver
23.Celeste – Dee Montero
24.Miracle – Anton Ishutin
25.Road To Heaven – Benja Molina, Frais Remix
26.Destiny – Enzo Vood
27.Vulnerable – Franco Romano
28.Flut – Blue Cell, Juani Ramirez
29.Rising Sun – Sunlight Project
30.Unraveling – Soul Button, Gravity Bites
31.Aurora – Clawz Sg
32.Exodus Blue – Ceaus
33.Remote Control – Kay-d
34.Melancholy – Skyhunter, Omega
35.Numinous – Luke Santos, Marc De Koning, Namatjira Remix
36.The Silence – Mike Koglin, Matt Darey Tekara Remix

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