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Are Friends Eclectic Presents – Lee James

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Are Friends Eclectic Presents – Lee James

Featuring tracks by The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Bob Marley and more.

Listen again to the Are Friends Eclectic radio show with this weeks very special guest, Lee James

Lee has been wanting to do one of these for a long time and here is his first Are Friends Eclectic show !!

Always something different, and a step away from the dance genres into the musical soul of our guest presenters.  Are Friends Eclectic is unique and not what one would expect on a dance music platform. Through music, our guests share their history, music from childhood, and that which has shaped their musical paths. Encompassing as many genres as it is possible to count, this show is loved by so many.



  1. Matty Malnick & Orchestra – Fanfare & Introduction
  2. The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
  3. Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney – Ebony and Ivory
  4. The Doors – L.A Woman
  5. Neil Diamond – Mr. Bojangles
  6. Prince – Let’s Go Crazy
  7. Cab Calloway – Minnie the Moocher
  8. Stevie Wonder – Superstition
  9. Louis Armstrong – Where the Blues Were Born In New Orleans
  10. Roger Waters – Sunset Strip
  11. Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Starting Something
  12. Bob Marley – Jamming
  13. Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier
  14. Aretha Franklin – Think
  15. The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
  16. Scissor Sisters – Filthy/Gorgeous

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