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Are Friends Eclectic Presents – Jim Pape

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Are Friends Eclectic Presents – Jim Pape

Featuring tracks by Twin Hype, The Human League, Tangerine Dream, Babe Ruth and more.

Listen again to the Are Friends Eclectic radio show with this weeks very special guest, Jim Pape

Always something different, and a step away from the dance genres into the musical soul of our guest presenters.  Are Friends Eclectic is unique and not what one would expect on a dance music platform. Through music, our guests share their history, music from childhood, and that which has shaped their musical paths. Encompassing as many genres as it is possible to count, this show is loved by so many.



1             Slip into Something More Comfortable – Kinobe

2             Damn I’m Good – King Tre

3             Slow Down – Brand Nubian

4             You Make Me Happy (Vocal) – Hi Tension

5             Doing It for Money – The Aloof

6             Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix) – Rob Dougan

7             Cold Water Music – Aim

8             That’s All Folks!!! (Don’t Wash My Car Glasses version) – Jack is fallen.

9             Kocaine (Original Mix) – Tony Johns

10           Indasoupe – Deep Freeze

11           Don’t Leave Me (Remaster) – Natural Experience

12           Rainforest Serenade – The It

13           I’m Your Pusher-Pusher man – Ice T

14           Pure Righteousness      Lakim Shabazz

15           Jibaro (Enrolle) Elkin & Nelson

16           Love on A Real Train 2008 – Tangerine Dream

17           06 – The Rain (12” Mix)

18           Human Nature (On the Mix Edit) – Gary Clail On-U Sound System

19           I’m Riffin – MC Duke

20           La Passionara [12′ Version] – The Blow Monkeys

21           Pleasured (Music Box Tribute) – Robot 84

22           Feel So Real (Extended Version) – Steve Arrington

23           Palatial (Danny Rampling Mix) – Love Corporation

24           Feel the Force (Original Full 12” Dub Mix) (Feat. Ronnie Gee & Captain Gee) – G. Force

25           Walk the Night – Skatt Bros.

26           Cavern (Original Mix) – Liquid Liquid

27           The Mexican (S-Man’s B-Boy Battle Edit) – Babe Ruth

28           01 – Soul Makossa

29           Saturdays Angels (Mr. Mondays Brain Mix) – If?

30           Its Just a Groove (Freestyle Mix Club) – J.U. Ice

31           For Those Who Like to Groove (Hollywood Sweat Mix) – Twin Hype

32           Midas Touch – Midnight Star

33           It’s Happening – Plus One

34           Love Action (I Believe in Love) – The Human League

35           The race – Yello

36           Behind the Wheel (Shep Pettibone Remix) – Depeche Mode

37           122 B.P.M – Jive Rhythm Trax

38           Portrait of A Masterpiece – The D.O.C.

39           Play It at Your Own Risk – Planet Patrol

40           Egypt, Egypt – The Egyptian Lover

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