Strictly Underground.

Finding a true underground venue in Riga, Latvia is nigh on impossible, with only two venues coming to mind, Teritorija is one of them. Nestled among the warehouses of an industrial estate in the city, this intimate, invite only club shouts big on the underground scene, not just in Latvia but across the Baltics.

Teritorija, founded in 2016 by Karen Barseghian ( and partner ), has become the place to be for true lovers of underground dance music. Hosting the hottest underground DJs from across the Baltic states and Europe which thus far has included the likes of, Bogdan Taran, Max Lomov, Uppfade, Alex Zed and many more.



It’s a small space, designed for an intimate 100 people, the design and atmosphere resembles a house or a two-story apartment, not your usual setting but it works and it works very well.  Membership is a must with invites only going out within a closed group of the club on Facebook. Each of the successful group members are able to bring one guest along to the club,  after the guest list, guests have to go through the selection stage at the entrance.

In 2019 Teritorija partners with Housemasters radio, offering those who do not make the nights the opportunity to tune in via our radio stream and watch all the live action on our youtube channel and within our Video Lounge.

We are delighted to be able to spread the sound of the club to our existing global fan base and promise some great nights ahead. The initial date is to be confirmed but you will be able to tune in and catch Live @ Teritorija every Friday 11pm – 9am gmt. You can keep up to date here, for exclusive Teritorija line ups and events.


Playing Only The Best