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The HMR Golden Mug

Really, honest, it’s made from exotic materials with extracts of unspellable stuff we found advertised on the shopping channel. Shaped on the thighs of a virgin, (our mate Dave, he’s 32 and lives with his gran), the HMR Golden mug, it’s a timeless classic!


11,99 £

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Drink your Vodka or Tea in style, with the truly glamorous golden HMR mug. Your beverages will never be the same again as you swan around slurping from such a receptacle.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

70% Unicorn horn, a Cherubs tear, a splash of sparkling mineral water from Sainsburys

For Use

The new and improved 2022 version, with extracts of something we cant spell, now suits those who use the other hand!


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