Mike Solus Presents – Lost In Music 29-09-21

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Mike Solus Presents – Lost In Music 29-09-21

This show features tracks by

Kotonova & MSM.DE94Give Me (Original Mix)Do You? (Da Sunlounge Remix)Black Horse (Original)Magic Of Love (Unreleased Manoo Dub) and more.

This edition of Mike Solus Lost In Music features dope trax and promo action on the first half of the show. Vinyl action on the second half of the show featuring tunes from the 1990s and early 00s.


Part 1. Track List

1. Starry Skies (Intro) – Kotonova & MSM.DE94
2. NightFields – Kotonova & MSM.DE94
3. Before Dawn – Kotonova & MSM.DE94
4. Give Me (Original Mix) – CeCe Rogers & DJ Lora
5. Do You? (Da Sunlounge Remix) – Agency
6. Black Horse (Original) – Siavash
7. Magic Of Love (Unreleased Manoo Dub) – From P60 with Lisa Shaw
8. All Night (Original Mix) – Apriori
9. Shiver (Extended Mix) – Leftwing : Kody x Jem Cooke
10. Discoberry Jam (Extended Mix) – Agrabah
11. Kush (Extended Mix) GUZ & Ferreck Dawn
12. The Calling (Original Extended) – Splice Collective
13. Subgroup_3000 – Habanos

Part 2. Track List (Vinyl)

1. Ground Control – Unknown (1996)
2. If You Should Need A Friend (Sound Factory Vocal Mix) – Fire Island featuring Mark Anthoni (1995)
3. Mind Funkt – Are You Ready? (1998)
4. Carol Bailey – Feel It (MK Deep Dub) (1995)
6. The View featuring Tamika – You Left Me Standing (Bristol’s Groovy Cocoanut Mix) 1999
7. White Label – Unknown (2000)
8. Nightsource – To Be Free (1999)
9. DJ NEKBATH – Loose My Love (Sweet little mix) (2000)

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