Mark Harrison Presents – The Prime Techno Show #65

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Mark Harrison Presents – The Prime Techno Show

The Prime Techno Show #65

Listen again to The Prime Techno Show Presented By Mark Harrison.

If driving beats, acid and filthy techno are your thing, then make sure you tune into Mark Harrison and the Prime Techno show.


Miky Larus – Past and Future [Mystic Carousel Records]
Aurello Mendoza – Distort Love [212 Records UK]
Arrythmic – Beware Of (Unearned Wisdom) [DistroKid]
Sopik – Old Carousel [Finder Records]
SAMPL – Control [DistroKid]
Kirk – Quantum Leap [SleepLess]
Waldermar – Oracle [Trigonometryk]
Lean As Troy – Atoms [Potti Records]
Melt – Do The Math [Telepathy]
Arrhythmic – Agnosia [DistroKid]
Herbrido – Jealousy [Frequenza]
Desputes – Medusa [Physical Techno Recordings]
MHS – Acid Voices In My Head [DECODE]
Isca Nublar – Leucine [Record Union]
EPICX – A303 [Techno Expidition Records]

TechnoThe Prime Techno Show

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