Float On – Episode 21 – One Year Anniversary

micKevin KnoxtodayMay 22, 2021 55 2

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Float On – Episode 21

One Year Anniversary show.

Here’s Float On 21, the one year anniversary show. What started as a bit of an experiment in soft music for hard times has become a labour of love and something I look forward putting together every other week. As always, there are sounds from across many genres and eras including something special from Housemasters’ own Parky under his new PK-1 guise, alongside Balearic classics from Cocteau Twins, Jose Padilla and Ballistic Brothers, plus newer sounds from artists such as Jas Shaw and Max Essa.

Sharing is caring so if you like what you hear, please consider paying it forward. Here’s to year two…

ChilloutThe Float On Show

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