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(Mr Orme)

started his career around the Manchester House scene in 1987 working his way round the underground clubs playing new music from Chicago and Detroit.
Before too long he was playing bigger gigs in Manchester then playing shows for Kaos and Universe (Leeds) eventually building his name and skills up to becoming resident DJ at The Man Alive Club famed for Sasha, Nipper & 808 State DJs.
By 1990 he had become a household name around UK venues and began to travel weekly across the UK doing bigger shows.
In 1991 he Joined Awesome 3 famed for legendary rave tracks “Hard Up” Freedom Of Life “PIn-Up” and “Possessed” all of which were big massive hits.

The biggest one of all was yet to come though when in 1992 Pete Orme co-wrote which is considered to be the biggest cross over rave tune of all time… “Don’t Go” blending hard techno sounds with a piano breakdown which time has proven to be legendary.
XL Recordings were quick to sign his masterpiece and it quickly sold globally to over 30 countries.
Still to this day ” Don’t Go” is one of the biggest tracks played at all the major rave events around the world and has made it’s place in dance music history.
It goes without saying that Mr Orme has more than played his part in the global rave scene and this year is celebrating 25yrs of writing ” Don’t Go” with a special DJ set.



Street Rave, Insomnia, Fantazia, Global Gathering, Tribal Gathering, Kaos, Universe, Parklife, Bowlers, Maximes, Glastonbury, Hacienda, I Am 90’s, Shelly’s Reuion, Vogue, Man Alive, Back By Dope Demand, Feel The Beat, Prodigy Tour, Ministry Of Sound, Space, Book Of Love, Tranzmission, Raindance, Entropy





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