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Paul Bleasdale


Paul Bleasdale

Paul Bleasdale has been playing at some of the world’ greatest venues including the UK, USA, Germany, Ibiza, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong and China. His DJ’ing career began in 1991 playing venues in Liverpool and all over the Northwest. In 1992 he started his residency at Cream in the now legendary annexe.

Paul has become one of the UK’ hottest DJ’s appearing as Cream’ representative on their UK and worldwide tours. In amongst his busy schedule Paul has produced tracks with Andrew Weatherall as cymbol for concrete records and has worked with higher state on a number of remix projects.

1997 saw Paul continue his DJ’ing in Cream’ annexe with Paul Oakenfold joining his as fellow resident, between them they have been arguably one of the greatest collaborations this decade has seen.

The 1998 re-launch saw Bleasdale and Oakenfold move into Cream’ new Courtyard, between them they created the most atmospheric room in the UK, progressing dance music and atmosphere to a new level, seeing was believing.

Today Paul is continuing to do what he does best and you can catch that across the UK and here, live on Housemasters radio.


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