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It all started back when he was 14, getting hooked on the early warehouse and acid house sounds, he got hold of some mis-matched belt drives and a shoddy mixer and started to play everywhere he could, house partys / barn raves and so on. He soon upgraded to the industry standard turntables and things progressed better. I got gigs in pre-club pubs and bars then I got into local nights warm ups.

He moved to France for the snow and secured residences at resort clubs, whilst also still playing at all the big parties, competitions and events around the Alps, playing with his peers. “Playing at the bottom of the moon park half pipe competition is something I will always cherish”.

As it always does, real life took over and he took himself away from the scene, got married and started a family. Ten years on and the digital revolution has picked up immense speed and he once again finds himself loving it all again. “I played on a few radio station and held down prime slots recently I ventured into setting up a record label with some pals and hoping to grow that along with my DJing”.


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