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Lincoln Hauk


Lincoln Hauk

Host of the Roadshow, Lincoln Hauk blazes a high energy trail.

A Housemasters DJ since 2018, Lincoln Hauk  is originally from just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. With a thriving passion for music, inspired by Rock n Roll, Bluegrass, and Soul Music, he always had an eclectic taste.  By the mid-’90s, Lincoln had already been performing as a DJ playing at high school dances, house parties, car shows, and private events.

Atlanta, Georgia based DJ Lincoln Hauk continues to  develop his skills and dig further into the essence of becoming a household name. In 2019 Lincoln was booked to perform at Burning Man festival, one of the most revered dessert parties bringing some of the most serious partiers, artists, and musicians together for this ceremonial celebration. He was one of the host DJs for the Dragomir Mutant vehicle and left a lasting impression on all those who were present that night. Since 2018, he has been an on-air radio host and presenter worldwide on Housemasters Radio.

Lincolns’ love and passion for music combined with the energy and crowd control displayed by some of his biggest heroes all lead to the time where it was inevitable for him to start professionally DJing and honing his signature style on the ones and twos. An already avid record collector, the moment came in late 1999 at the legendary Crane building in Pittsburgh PA where he had the opportunity to play a Breakbeats set as an opener for the iconic Bass Bin Twins.

In the late 90ʼs the iconic promotions crew “5 Star” hosted an all-night rave party at his place of employment where the lights, crowds, and Electronic Music all collided in one moment that would forever change his life. Soon thereafter, Lincolnhauk joined the 5 Star Crew and spent some time learning the ropes, absorbing every bit of knowledge from all aspects of the events, all while helping to run lights for some of western PAs most revered parties. In this era, Pittsburgh was becoming recognised as one of the most thriving rave scenes of the east coast.

Through the early 2000s, he was seen gracing the stage with his then “Hard House Sound” sharing the spotlight with some of the largest DJs and Artists from around the world. From club nights to one-off events, Lincolnhauk was proving he could hang with the best of them including the likes of Chris Liberator, Christopher Lawrence, Mistress Barbra, Marco Corolla, Union Jack, Art of Trance, Tommie Sunshine, Anne Savage and more. During this era, Lincoln also spent some time working for Hypervinyl, a well-noted record store that gave him a first-hand look into the new and up-and-coming releases that have shaped the sound of his DJ sets. His love of music from such a wide variety of genres and influences allows him to keep you guessing, hanging on each mix and leaving dance floors yearning for more.

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