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Beautifully eclectic music with "JBC" Jase Crawley

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Jase Crawley

Occasionally self referred to as ‘JBC’, 47 years old, East Manchester, DJ, and occasional home producer of below popular radar tracks.
I like to mix music together off the cuff using records and my two untrustworthy Numark NDX 400’s, it usually comes together, sort of.
I bought my first decks in 1988, and have looked back several times since, shaking my head, thinking it’s about time I rejected fantasy and acted my age. But music, like Aspirin or Grounded Tiger Tusks is a drug they say. Loud volume can induce both a feeling of euphoria, and equally headaches, it’s a tricky one isn’t it?

So until I find something better to fill my time with, replacing the addictive void of flicking through crates of black plastic discs and the urge to get creative with the 1000’s of beat injected plastic on the ‘ones’ and ‘twos’ that clutter your dwelling and fragile mind, I’ll continue to plunder stupidly on with my home made, and Vinyl Exchange liberated tracks.

For fans of links and provenance, there’s 7 years, and growing worth of my output here –
Mix sets, My Remixes, Re edits, originals, and much more.