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Chris Kiser

Chris Kiser is a house music DJ, and producer, that found the love for the house vibe in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early 90’s.  He came up in the scene with the music and sounds that influenced the developing West Coast House style that he has stayed true to over the years.

With these influences, being heard and seen in his everyday life, Chris decided to take the next step and started mixing the music that changed his life during the mid 90’s.  He started to develop his style, early on, and throughout the years he has been perfecting it to keep the dancefloors moving from coast to coast, while staying true to the underground sounds.

Chris quickly gained recognition and started to get booked for peak hour and early morning time slots, for many years, while becoming a headliner at numerous parties throughout the country.  He had the pleasure of mixing with some of the biggest names in the industry and found that his style kept progressing with the life experience he gained.

Chris is now producing and his releases have been supported by some of the top house dj’s and producers throughout the world.

While djing and producing, Chris is focused on having everyone experience the deep, thumping, warehouse echoing, underground house sound that he has been a part of for over 20 years.