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Bad Panda

Underground Artist and Producer

Bad Panda started his musical journey with a wide interest in an array of music genres. He let the beats move him and transport him through his journey in music, until he found his true calling with his love of techno. Such passion grew in himself, that it was hard for others not to notice and as a result his own son now pursues his own career in music. This is the moment the house disco playing panda emerged.

Strongly influenced by the music of the 70s and 80s, especially the driving beats of the more progressive forms of electronic, techno and disco music. DJ Panda’s sets began to take on a more progressive feel leading to the evolution of Bad Panda For Bad Panda the arrival of the rave scene was a dream come true. Sights and sounds appealing to all his senses creating a thirst and hungry that could only be satisfied by more.
Bad Panda has been fortunate enough to have collaborated and remixed tracks with some established artists. Artists who are hugely influential in making the rave scene what it is today, giving Bad Panda first hand experience on how great music is produced. Bad Panda has played in hot spots throughout the UK as well as through Europe, including ADE Amsterdam. Mix’s awarded mix of the week and hit number 2 in the techno 365 Charts, His music has been recognised on more than one occasion. ADE Sampler 17 released by White Windows Records chose Hope (original mix) LW Recordings chose Y-US from Bad Panda to be part of their Sound of Techno Vol. 03 album. Bad Panda has entered the charts on Beatport, Traxsource and Soundcloud-Hypeddit having three top 3 tracks. One track remaining in the number 1 spot for two weeks. Bad Pandas tracks are also available for download from Layer 909 BubbleJam Nastyfunk, On-It Recordings, Distortion, Pure Dope, Poolside X Recordings and LW Records.
Bad Pandas analytical approach to music, means he has spent the time to explore music to its very core. To strip back the layers of beats from all different genres to understand how they are formed. Through this process and also Bad Pandas love for early influential techno and his desire to bring his audiences something new, has lead him to become a producer of his own original beats. Colliding old techno with breakbeats in a beautiful harmonious way, creating a truly unique, unforgettable and pulse raising experience for his audience.