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Leeroy Thornhill – Back To Me

Written by on 21/12/2020

Leeroy Thornhill – Back To Me

Take me on a journey… Leeroy’s latest album does exactly this!

Back To Me

Leeroy’s second studio album – ‘Back To Me’ was released by him at the end of November 2020. It’s now available on Bandcamp.

Weighing in at one hour 3 mins and 34 seconds with 19 tracks on it. Last track starting at 59.32 minutes. The majority of the tracks on the album are just shy of four minutes each. Time is an important issue here. The entire album is mixed together from start to finish, akin to the works of Pink Floyd and more recently Faithless on their new album also launched in 2020 called ‘All Blessed’.

There are plenty of other artists/bands/musicians who have also followed this way, the way; ‘This is the Way’ in my opinion, of making and putting together a Dance Music album. Simple. Take your audience on a journey, non stop, for an hour or so of their life. And make it emotional, exciting and with an abundance of musical genres in the mix, for good measure. And to keep people listening to the album, concentrated on the vibe.

Back To Me directs you when you listen to it. The tempo changes dictate to you the times when you can chill, have a smoke or get on the dance floor and throw shapes. It feels like Leeroy is reading the crowd on his album as he would if he was DJing, dependent on where he was and what the crowd needed. To call the album ‘Dance Music’ is bang on the money. But, dance music has different genres of it, sub genres, extricably linked in to it; Breaks, Chillout, Dub, Electronica, Funk, Hip Hop, House Music, Rave, Ragga, Trip Hop and so on.

Point being ‘Back To Me’ has everything. It flows. It’s fun. It’s funky. Leeroy’s production skills are tight as. And he obviously took a lot of time to think about the programming of this non-stop album. The beauty of the album is two fold. The brilliant tracks and when you play the album, you will play it from start to finish.