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Label Review- Sudd Records

Written by on 05/12/2019

Sudd Records

Brazilian and Detroit collaborations prove, there are no boundaries in music.

image of sudd records house music label from detroit

Originally formed in 2014, Sudd Records embraced regional talent in Brazil. With strong ties to the Detroit sound, they have grown into a worldwide label focusing on relationships and quality of people play a key of role in this Group. The beautiful music being produced is done so without any real sense of “genre labeling” with unique sounds being embraced with open arms. They constantly strive to improve the energy on the label.


The labels great sounds range from Deep House music, Dub and Techno. Sudd Records “provides a platform to connect artists with support, respect and the ideologies each artist possess.” By the same token, when Sudd Records reflects on their label, they think of it as a family of artists. Of course, they see the big picture and aim to support creative people by helping them do what they love.


The Sudd records back catalogue sees releases from Santonio Echols, Gari Romalis, Alton Miller, Norm Talley and Rick Wade.


Be sure to check out other great releases from Sudd Records on Traxsource.

Reader's opinions
  1. John Parker   On   09/12/2019 at 18:09

    Not a label I’ve come across before, but certainly some trippy ethereal cuts going down. Definitely a label to add to my list.

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