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Stand Tall, You’re a Housemaster!

Written by on 19/02/2020

Thank you.

The celebratory dust has just about settled and we have nothing but love for you. DJs, listeners and supporters, everything you do is quality!

From the humble beginnings of a 2014 need to create a no nonsense site for talent, to the 2020 realisation of an epic site Housemasters radio has become. Housemasters has gathered together the finest DJ and Production talent from around the world and we have been honoured by some of the biggest names in dance music history.

Currently the Housemasters combined experience behind the decks exceeds a thousand years (that’s not a typo). OK, some of us are pretty old but still, that’s some years. In six years we have gathered together an exceptional group of DJ’s who Consistently set the highest of standards, ensuring Housemasters really sets the level.

The popularity of the site and its reputation is down to you. Thank You.

Special thanks goes to:

Hoop – C

JK Rich

Jim Pape

Matt Matheson

JJ Parker


DJ Kwik

Daz Evans

Mark Fryers

Mark Booth

Craig Park

These guys have been with us for so long now, they make up what we call the “Furniture Department Collective”. Pumping out quality live performances for our listeners each and every week, some DJs have logged over 800 live shows here on Housemasters. It shouts volumes having members who have been with us from the very start, you must like it here. For sticking and sharing with us, being solid supporters of what we do. Thank You.

Team America

Bringing a shinning East / West coast flavour.

It was always a goal of ours to significantly boost our membership from across the pond, doing so would push Housemasters to a true 24/7 live radio station. Slowly we have gathered a group together who do just that. Our guys and gals from the US bring a shinning East / West coast flavour to our programming. Hosting numerous live shows throughout the week and offering up the weekly US take over show – The Friday Funkshun.

Contributors, Editors & Tech

Site content, Social media and Systems Management.

Everything is big on Housemasters radio and this requires a bigger daily commitment to the task.

To you guys who manage our social media pages, our chart editors adding site content and those who assist in implementing new systems for the better running of the site. It is incredible to have such efforts from you all. We offer mighty thanks for your incredible work.

Adam Roberts

Adam has put in so much work to Housemasters.

What can we say about Adam Roberts that is not already known? We can say with certainty, Housemasters radio would be either considerably lesser or a distant memory, joining a very long list of sites which have long since died off.

Adam has put in so much work to Housemasters with thousands of hours put in to meet deadlines, manage content and the massive task that is uploading and maintaining our programming schedule. He is also front of House when it comes to new members, it is Adam who spends hundreds of hours with account creation and connection tests with users from around the world.

If that wasn’t enough to send him grey haired, he also manages two speciality shows on site. The longest running oldskool show online, Oldskool Masters Radio and the unique and hugely successful Are Friends Eclectic show. A first for any online radio focused on dance music and culture, where DJs are encouraged to drop the usual beat and instead play life memories, stories, soundtracks to their lives, quite often sharing emotional moments to our global listeners. It’s a very special show!

Adam I’m sure all know, the thanks you deserve, so on behalf of all of us, Thank You.

Our Gold Members

Your support helps us do what we do, Thank you.

Nothing would be possible without your help, your kind generosity in supporting Housemasters as a “Goldie” could never be understated.

Thank you all.

Our Listeners

Listeners from over 160 countries tune into Housemasters radio.

You are a forever growing support to Housemasters radio. Whether you join us on site or tune in via the various station apps, we offer you great thanks also. To receive the comments and messages we do, really sets in stone our continued drive to provide music quality to you. From the management and all our presenters, it’s great to know you are there.

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