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DJs Take Control – Parky

Written by on 21/10/2020

DJs Take Control – Parky

DJ’s Take Control takes a deeper look into our DJs musical loves and careers. This month we hook up with Housemasters resident of six years, Parky, aka Binaryboy, aka “P”.

UK based DJ/Producer Parky has been with us for 6 years, joining Housemasters radio in its first few weeks of operation. With hundreds of shows and thousands of hours performed live here on site, our man Mike Solus caught up with him for this new feature further highlighting the superb talent on Housemasters radio.


MS: Who is Parky?

P: Hiya Mike are you all right? Thanks for having us on mate. So who is Parky? Well I’ve had that nickname since I was a kid, my surname is Park. I was about 12 when people started calling me that. So, there’s no great mystery there.

MS: Parky, how did you get into Dance Music?

P: The first dance music sounds I ever heard was from listening to the John Peel show on BBC Radio. and that’s what got me in to dance music. You know, early Techno, early Chicago sounds, House Music and then the Rave seen started and I just loved the music. You know, it was just so different at the time.

MS: How did you get in to DJing?

P: At the age of about 20 I had a lot of friends around me, they were all in to DJing. I could just go round to their houses get out the vinyl and have a spin. My early DJ experience wasn’t very good, i could barely do a beat mix. It wasn’t until I reached 30 that I started taking it seriously and improved my skills.

MS: You like to produce your own tracks too, can you tell us how you got into music production?

P: To be fair, that’s going back to when I was about 13 years old. I had a Spectrum computer and on that computer was probably the first sequencer I’d ever used. It was a piece of software. It was called Wham Music Maker. You might laugh but it was a sequencer and it could be loaded with Wham songs and you could widen them and you could make your own version of their songs. That was my first experience of using a sequencer.

A year later I bought my first ever sampling keyboard. Remember the Casio, the SK1? I had one of them. And then I had a massive gap and just listened to music. When I was about 28 I went on a sampling course, learning how to do sampling and I got the software programme Cubase for my computer. In the year 2000 I got into music production from a newbie point of view.

MS: Who are your musical influences and inspirations Parky?

P: Too many to mention but I will have a go. Going back to when I was a kid, my Uncle and my Dad had massive vinyl collections I would regularly dig into. The music which really jumped out at me then was from the the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Jeff Wayne’s amazing ‘War of The Worlds’.

As I got older I got more into electronic dance music bands  Orbital, Orb, Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim, artists like that.

MS: Who is Binary Boy?

P: When I decided I was going to make music and obviously thinking of a name, I knew I was going to make music on me own. I’ve always made music on computers so my name would be based around these two factors and the fact that I was young when doing it.

At the time there was another producer called Digital Boy. It had a similar ring so that’s basically where I made the name up from. Basically computer based music, that’s where the ‘binary’ came from. I am Binary Boy!

MS: Parky, do you have a favourite club?

P: Well yeah, but I don’t go clubbing now. Going back to the 1990s I can’t just mention one favourite club. I’ll mention a small hand-full if that’s all right?

Lancashire had a massive scene. I was big on going out in Blackpool. There was several Dance Clubs in Blackpool that I went to. The Wigan Pier. I went to the Pleasure Drome at Farnworth.

I lived in Morcambe for about 15 years too. There was a Night Club called The Carlton. On a normal night, it was just like a ‘Grab a Granny Night’. But on a Friday night they’d get guys in, they’d kit it all out with big speakers and strobe lights. In 1991/92 it was banging in there. I was definitely a big club goer in Lancashire. The Zone at Blackpool was probably one of the best clubs I ever went to.

MS: What was your most amazing clubbing experience?

P: My most amazing experiences were in the the clubs I just mentioned in the previous question. One of the best musical experiences I ever had was the year that my son was born in 1996. By then I wasn’t really going to clubs, I was more interested in festivals. I went to this one, I think it was called the Phoenix Festival in 96. It was one of the first big festivals I ever went to. There was the Prodigy, Leftfield, Orbital… It was just an unbelievable weekend. That’s probably the most amazing musical experience I have ever had. Having the opportunity to see all these class acts at one event.

MS: How did you become part of the Housemasters Radio family?

P: I knew a couple of the guys who started Housemasters, from another internet Radio Station we DJ’d on previously. I’d known them for a few years. They started Housemasters Radio and I think it had been going about 6 months and we kept in contact, and they said do you fancy joining us? I started playing and never liked back.

I’ve been with the station about 6 years now. Hand on my heart, what an amazing Radio Station. I’ve learnt more here, from the other resident DJs, then in all my music career. Great DJs, we are family. I hope to be playing a long time here.

MS: Have you got any advice for any new and aspiring DJs or producers out there? What would you say to them?

P: Just do it for the passion. You know what I mean? And just see where it goes. That’s all I did. It depends how much steam you’re gonna give it. If you give it 100% then you know, in a couple of years, you could achieve a lot. In my life cause I’ve had other ties; children brining up, family, work and that, I could only give it 10%. So definitely do it for the passion. Anything else is a bonus. You’ve got to have your heart in it.

MS: What does the future look like for Parky?

P: I’m just going to carry on doing what I’m doing. Lately, I’ve got the bug again for making music, I’ve never lost the bug for DJing anyway.

I’m also thinking of starting a Record Label. A digital one, see how we go. Next year maybe get a track a month going on it and see how things work out.

MS: What’s the name of your show on Housemasters Radio?

P: It’s the Bleeps and Tones Show. When I first started I didn’t really have a show name. I bounced around from one name to another. It was DJ Clarkee who suggested it. It was going to have breaks, bleeps and tones based on an old album I liked, something of that nature and Mike said what about the Bleeps and Tones Show? I liked the ring of it and obviously I play of lot of bleeps and tones on my shows, I play a lot of Acid so, the name just fits real nice.

MS: Craig, It’s been a pleasure to talk to you man.Thanks so much for your time.

P: Nice one Mike, Thank you!

Check out BinaryBoy AKA Parky on Soundcloud.