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DJs Take Control – Matt Matheson

Written by on 22/02/2021

DJs Take Control – Matt Matheson

DJ’s Take Control takes a deeper look into our DJs musical loves and careers. This month we hook up with a founder member of Housemasters, Matt Matheson.

Matt joined Housemasters Radio when it just got started, nearly 7 years ago. With hundreds of shows behind him, he continues strong as a Housemasters resident presenting The Therapy Transmission Radio Show. Our man Mike Solus caught up with him for our DJs Take Control feature.

The Interview

HMR – Hello Matt, what you saying, where are you, how are you doing?

MM – Hello! I’m am saying hello! I’m based just outside of sunny Brighton in the UK – and I’m doing OK given the madness of the past year (which doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon..)

HMR – What made you become a DJ?

MM – I was clubbing from the age of 16 (over 20 years ago now) and realised that for me, simply listening to the music wasn’t enough. I wanted to get closer to the music and then share that journey with others.

HMR – How long have you been DJing?

MM – 20 odd years now – gosh I feel old saying that.

HMR – When did you join Housemasters Radio and what is your Radio Show called?

MM – I joined HMR 6 years ago – my show has retained it’s name. It’s called The Therapy Transmission.

HMR – When is it?

MM – It currently airs every other Monday at 9pm, after taking a slight break from a weekly Thursday night slot (baby number 2 arrived!).

HMR – What musical genres do you play and what’s your DJ style?

MM – I don’t like genres per se, but I guess we all have our style. I like to tell a story, and I like to do this with deep progressive house, techno, breakbeat. I may occasionally drop some downtempo or DnB into my sets, but my heart is in the progressive and melodic house genre.

HMR – Who or what has been the biggest influence of your musical career to date?

MM – Who: Sasha and John Digweed. No competition. What: Labels and brands which include, in no particularly order, Renaissance, Global Underground, Bedrock, Hooj Tunes, Northern Exposure and everything in between.

HMR – What do you love about radio? Why is radio important?

MM – It’s live, it’s current and it’s not going anywhere. There was a concern at one point many years ago that with the rise of technology and interactive TV and podcasts, that radio might lose its appeal. Quite the opposite, we’re seeing a renewed interest in radio to the point of protest. Radio 6 music is a wonderful (massive, real world) example of when a station was set to close, protest kept it open. Why? Because of it’s passion for music. This is what I love about our world in Housemasters – everyone is super passionate and puts in there all.

HMR – What advice would you offer anyone considering becoming a DJ?

MM – More than anything, enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy it, ask yourself why then change your vibe till you do. If you enjoy what you do, you will learn and your creativity will shine through. And don’t wax all your cash immediate on the most expensive kit – it won’t make a difference. The main focus is: Find your sound, learn the craft, have fun then decide what kit is right for you. Start cheap and enjoy it.

HMR – If you had to choose a few words to describe HMR, what would they be?

MM – Love, music and good times.

HMR – What Record/MP3/WAV will never leave your re3cord box or memory stick?

MM – Hard to say, but the Bedrock Remix of Underworld’s ‘Cowgirl’ is hard to beat.

HMR – What is the best club/event you have ever been to?

MM – There is no single event. I’m constantly amazing by the scene. Warm memories? On the roof at Space Miami when Sasha showed up at 7am and played till midday. I put my knee out at about 8am, but kept on dancing. When the music stopped at midday, I fell over then had to stay in bed in the apartment for 24 hours before I could get up and walk again! Happy days. My knees still not quite right. Haha! Why? See above!

HMR – If you could ‘warm up’ for any DJ in the world who would he or she be?

MM – Probably Digweed. This would force me to go slow and considerate.

HMR – For any DJs thinking of joining HMR what would you say to encourage them to join us?

MM – Do it! If you love your craft, love the scene and have your sound to share, do it. Join us!