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DJs Take Control – KA Smallz

Written by on 16/03/2021

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DJs Take Control – KA Smallz

DJ’s Take Control takes a deeper look into our DJs musical loves and careers.  Mike Solus talks to KA Smallz who joined the Housemasters Radio family nearly one year ago. Time flies when you’re having fun!

KA Smallz joined Housemasters Radio around about this time back in 2020. Each week he presents BACK2BASICS every Monday night although you’ll catch him frequently playing additional shows during the week and at weekends. This is what he had to say.

The Interview

HMR – Hello KA Smallz, what you saying, where are you, how are you doing?

KAS – All good in the hood my friend. I am currently answering questions for Housemaster Radio and i’m at home in my town of Telford in Shropshire.

HMR – What made you become a DJ?

KAS – Well, i wasn’t the greatest dancer in the Breakdance group but i tried. I could body pop a little. But i wanted to be the one making people dance. I used to play the music on a tape player in the school hall while others breakdanced. I used to try mixing tapes together at an early age with two tape players in the early 80’s until they chewed up hahah!

Moving forward to the late 80’s Chicago House ,early 90’s Rave scene, seeing the craze that had taken over, i wanted some of that and thought it would be cool to be a DJ. But it really started as a hobby. I couldn’t at the time afford any decks but i did dream i’d get some. Friends of mine did so i used to practice on theirs. I did borrow a set of belt-drive SoundLab turntables off a friend once. I had them for four years.

In 1996/97 i got my own new set of Technics 1210s then I was away always on them mixing away, learning every day and DJing become a passion and something I loved doing and was getting good at.

HMR – How long have you been DJing?

KAS – I started in the early 1990’s. 30 years.

HMR – When did you join Housemasters Radio and what is your Radio Show called?

KAS – I joined in March 2020 and my show is called Back2Basics.

HMR – When is it?

KAS – Back2Basics is every Monday 6-8pm but i am well known to cover other DJs shows when need.

HMR – What were you doing before you joined HMR? Events etc?

KAS – Promoting and playing for Pandemonium/Masquerade plus the odd party here and there. In 2010 i was playing out a few times a week at residents spots i had but after my daughter was born i chilled out for a few years only playing the odd party. It’s only the last 2 years or so i have started to take more interest in playing and that is thanks to Housemasters Radio.

HMR – What musical genres do you play?

KAS – Funky, Tech House any house really if it makes me smile and its well made i am on it. If you listen to my show you’ll know i like the ‘old-skool’ sounds. I will even drop in some Breaks and Drum’n’Bass.

HMR – Who or what has been the biggest influence of your musical career to date?

KAS – That is a tough Question. I could list loads of artist DJ’s clubs etc… My trips to Ibiza in the early 90’s were a big influence. Working with Pandemonium had a massive influence on my musical career. The day to day running of events planning and promoting events and marketing was good and i did learn a lot. Seeing what other DJ’s are doing and talking to all different DJ’s was a buzz for me as was still learning the art of DJing. Plus all the different sounds being played. I think it played a massive part in who i am today.

HMR – What do you love about radio? Why is radio important?

KAS – Friendly group of people since day one. Everybody made me feel welcome and you can feel the love in the chat room. Everyone supports each other. I am so happy my boy Cliffy introduced me to Housemasters Radio. We are a family of DJ’s and music lovers. Wish I had joined earlier.

HMR – What advice would you offer anyone considering becoming a DJ?

KAS – Practice, practice and practice. Record your mix listen back. Just practice like the old saying practice makes………….you got it.

Give your friends a copy of your mix share it out get some feed back. You never know who is listening or even try live streaming your mix. Promote your self because no one else will. But most of all enjoy what you do and let the music play.

HMR – If you had to choose a few words to describe HMR, what would they be?

KAS – We live as one family. Best place for music of all genes. The lounge/chat room is the best on the internet I have seen and experienced. The people, listeners in the chat room, the “Crew” are next level. The running of the station is professional. Hats off to the management, marketing and editorial teams and to everyone involved!

HMR – What Record/MP3/WAV will never leave your re3cord box or memory stick?

KAS – Maybe my old-skool piano house classics or and old-skool, jungle/hardcore. USBs… Haha! I couldn’t just name one track so there!

HMR – What is the best club/event you have ever been to?

KAS – Not sure how i am going to answer this question as i have been to so may parties, raves clubs, afterparties, pool parties and beach parties but i don’t remember even being at most of the nights l have attended over the years.

But i have to say i really enjoyed Global Gathering. It stands out for me and i did try and attend most years. Watching DJ Craze smash it up on the big screens was a highlight wow (that i remember).

I’d be silly not to say Pandemonium as well as it was where i spent most of my time not forgetting the Telford Ice Rink RAVEs.

HMR – Why?

KAS – It’s the feeling you get its a spiritual thing and body thing a house thing.
I spent most weekends over 15 years with Pandemonium working and partying hard travelling the country.

HMR – For any DJs thinking of joining HMR what would you say to encourage them to join us?

KAS – Come and dip your toes in. We all started somewhere and if you need help the HMR boys/girls are here to help and there is not a better Radio Station  than Housemasters Radio.

Reader's opinions
  1. Carol Jolly   On   24/03/2021 at 20:51

    Great Interview, …. Iv been supporting KA SMALLZ since he started his shows on Housemasters radio, in fact I don’t think iv missed 1 show, hes a fantastic DJ, as are all DJ’s who play on this station, I feel the passion he has for his music in every show…. you get what you came here for, Great tunes and great mixing !Thanks KA x

  2. Kevin Knox   On   24/03/2021 at 20:33

    Love it, KA is such a great addition to the lineup and a brilliant guy too.

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