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Do you have what it takes to become a Housemaster?

Housemasters Radio is global platform specialising in House music and dance culture. We welcome talent from all levels and actively encourage those who are just starting out and wanting to step up and take on something special.

Our DJs are a dedicated team with a combined experience of over 800 years, we have the largest online rosta.  As well as being a dedicated group of DJ’s, we operate as a community and you will find us friendly and accommodating if you become part of our team.

  • Please note, we only offer “LIVE” show programming slots, we do not accept applications from those wanting to submit pre – recorded shows.
  • We have a strict music policy and code of conduct all DJs and members must adhere to. Further information is available upon your successful application.
  • Our schedule is set at a weekly GMT format, you must be able to commit to a weekly, bi weekly or monthly show.
  • We will need to verify you have the right set-up, reliable internet connection and enough bandwidth to successfully stream. Our schedule manager will host a connection test with you.
  • Visit our Lounge and interact with DJs and members so that you can get to know us and decide if the station is right for you.
  • Successful applicants are required to pay a one time setup fee of £5.00. The set up process is extensive and this covers all the work required to create your on site profiles. It’s also a sign of commitment to the musical journey you are about to embark on.
  • Thereafter, successful applicants are encouraged to upgrade to a GOLD membership in the form of a monthly Housemasters subscription or donation. Running a large site like Housemasters, managing all your onsite promotion comes at a cost, we fund our operations via member subscriptions. Further information on the benefits of a gold membership can be found here.
  • All application decisions are at the discretion of the Housemasters radio management team.
  • A demo mix is essential!

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