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Mark Whites - Satisfaction bridging the gap between House Music and Disco whilst oozing the early 80s Electro Funk sound. Mark Whites steps up for Pornostar with a nice little number bridging the gap between House Music and Disco whilst oozing the early 80s Electro Funk sound too. 'Satisfaction' is a clever record. With a [...]

If you dig Aaron Neville’s rare groove classic ‘Hercules’ recorded all the way back in 1973, then you know you’re gonna dig this. Check out Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation) with a totally fresh reggae version of the record.

FOLEY (UK) - Tell It Me Again Two juicy prime-cuts out on Phaze Records - (Bohemien's record label). 'Tell It Me Again' is a solid, peak time House record. Lots of groove on it which builds and builds sweetly before reaching a crescendo and well needed break. Catch you breath for a moment, then woosh, [...]
FOLEY (UK) - Whatcha Wanna Do Whatcha Wanna Do, a real floor mover filled with vibe for the dancefloor. So, what do you want to do? Listen to amazing music; dope trax. Me too! This is the sound of FOLEY (UK) and his cut ‘Whatcha Wanna Do’ on kluBasic plus. Recently featured in the Hype [...]
WE REVIEW- Rick Wade Sudd Wax Records- SWX 004 Rick Wade is one of the most honorable forces in Deep House His Own Path Rick Wade continues to make his own lane. His go-to? Plush grooves devoid of trends and influences. SWX 004 on Sudd Wax shows Rick Wade in immaculate form. First, with the [...]

We review the latest release from Gari Romalis and out now on Sudd Wax, The Detroit Metro Terminal EP – (Windy/D1 Mix). Real deep grooves you need to check!

Samples Speak EP A Lucious wave of Deep House grooves from Soul Shadow This sophomore release from Soul Shadow, Samples Speak on Jump Recordings highlights the deep sounds and textures of House music. Overall, the EP provides a euphoric moodiness perfect for the late night or peak hour. First, ‘Feel it’ lays the ground work [...]

When the conversation about west coast house comes up, Dufflebag Recordings is always at the top of the list. When talent like Andrew Lozano gets added to the roster things heat up a little bit more. The Paradise Garage EP showcases a pair of Jackin house tracks that evoke a timeless sound whilst keeping with a modern vibe.

Nimes Works Series Vol​.2 by Lee Trax and Nick De Voost. Nimes Works Series Vol.2 by Lee Trax and Nick De Voost The next chapter of Nimes Works Series is here, Volume 2 by Lee Trax and Nick De Voost, includes remixes by Deepbreath and Mark Ryal. Four mighty tunes with a perfect House music [...]
We Review - Squal G - Trip With The Seahorse EP Seriously good Techno with the of deepest vibes. Squal G really hits the spot with this, the Trip with the Seahorse E.P.  From his original and the additional 5 remixes, it's seriously good Techno, with the deepest of vibes, ceratinly something you need in [...]