We understand that the announcement of our new funding model may have raised some questions and concerns among our DJs. We want to assure you that we value your input and want to be as transparent as possible throughout this process. That’s why we’ve created this page to answer some of the most common questions we’ve received about the new model.


The new Housemasters subscription membership will be handled with our current system as it is. Users can pay with all major credit cards and Paypal. Funds are banked and properly recorded so that proper reporting can be presented to licensing and tax bodies for inspection.

Personal information received upon registration is stored securely by Housemasters. Information is offline and made unavailable. Only details of funds are made available for our own legal reporting requirements.

No, selection of DJs is purely on merit, there is further information on how to become a Housemasters DJ HERE

Obviously New DJs will need to subscribe in order to perform on the station.

First and foremost, the new model will enable us to cover our legal fees. In addition we can:

  • Cover costs of our servers with emergency back up security. (size will gradually increase as we begin to host our own music).
  • Hosting costs for Housemasters-radio.com
  • The site runs a number of paid for applications which handle a number of backend security and functions.
  • A reliable income will also cover costs for all show Idents / drops.
  • We will also purchase our three urls for a longer period of time saving a substantial amount of money. Currently these are purchased every 2 years.
  • With a reliable income Housemasters radio will invest in an annual event where we will gather to do what we do best. This will have incredible benefits for the station, not least as a greater source of income generation.
  • Social Media Costs

Apart from ensuring we continue to offer the solid platform you reply on to perform, this new funding model will enable Housemasters radio to: 

  • Implement and sustain paid advertising on social media platforms and Search engines. This advertising will be site and show specific.

There are no changes to how your live show is scheduled however, we will now be rescheduling your shows as a replay. This gives each DJ greater opportunity to promote their live show and when listeners can expect to catch it on air again on replay. Currently replay shows are random with no set time.

Most certainly and this is the main reason we are changing our funding model and going for our broadcast licence. Not being licensed as proven to be a real stumbling block when attempting to create solid partnerships with some of the big players on the scene.


We have considered this but feel it complicates what is essentially quite simple. For that reason we are sticking with a single tier subscription where all benefit the same for the same investment.


100% yes! When we can be sure of our income, we can invest in many things around the station and that most certainly includes those who make Housemasters what it is.

The decision to adopt this model has taken a great deal of thought and consideration however, from what has been observed in discussions about possible funding changes it was decided that it should include all users of the Housemasters platform. Using a single tier solution ensures there will be no disputes or disagreements between possible tiers, subscribers & non-subscribers.


If we are unable to reach our financial goals, every attempt will be made to raise the funds required to continue operations. If we fail to to maintain our license, the station will close. 


We have given the subscription fee a great deal of thought, realising financial times are hard. For this reason we have decided to go as low as possible, making it possible for all. We believe the set fee is great value considering the work involved in maintaining Housemasters as a leading station and the benefits that come with it.


Certainly, you can do this yourself via your own account providers settings or you can ask Housemasters to cancel. Either way, cancellation will be immediate and a notification of cancellation will be sent to you. If you cancel during your payment period, your subscription rights are valid up until your payment anniversary date. 


If we are unable to reach our financial goals, every attempt will be made to raise the funds required to continue operations. If we fail to to maintain our license, the station will close. 


We hope that this information will help you understand our decision and how it will impact our community. If you don’t see your question answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to create subscription

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