Gender Disparity in the DJ Booth: A2D2 Study Sheds Light on Female DJs’ Double Effort”

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Gender Disparity in the DJ Booth

A2D2 Study Sheds Light on Female DJs’ Double Effort

In a recent study conducted by music tech company A2D2, it was revealed that female DJs are seemingly putting in twice the effort to secure recognition compared to their male counterparts. Drawing data from DJ Mag’s Top 100, the study disclosed that despite a mere 11 female artists gracing the prestigious list, these women account for a substantial 40% of the top 10 hardest-working DJs.

Digging deeper into the numbers, A2D2 uncovered a stark reality: female DJs are logging nearly double the gig hours when compared to their male counterparts. On average, male DJs notched up 13 gigs in 2023, while their female counterparts were on the stage for an impressive 23 shows. This significant gap in performance statistics underscores the relentless determination of female DJs to carve their mark in an industry historically dominated by men.

This revelation comes in the wake of a 2021 study by Protectivity, which highlighted a disheartening statistic: only 21% of artists performing at major UK festivals that year were female or female-identifying. The persistent underrepresentation of women in the music industry remains a critical issue.

According to the A2D2 report, the musical landscape of the UK in 2023 was predominantly shaped by the beats of house and techno. Additionally, the study noted a rising popularity of German and Belgian DJs, signaling a shift in the global music scene.

Unveiling the hardest-working DJ of 2023, the study crowned Claptone with a staggering 94 gigs across 33 countries, averaging a mind-boggling one set every four days. However, it’s worth noting that suspicions have long lingered about Claptone’s solo status, with speculations suggesting collaborations with other DJs to perform simultaneous shows worldwide.

As the music industry grapples with ongoing gender disparities, A2D2’s comprehensive study sheds light on the challenges faced by female DJs and their undeterred determination to thrive in a competitive environment. For a detailed exploration of the study’s findings, you can access the full report from A2D2 here.

Written by: HMR

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  1. JJ Parker on December 16, 2023

    Why do female DJs have small feet? So they can stand closer to the sync.
    Boom tish, I here all week????

  2. HMR on December 16, 2023

    Thanks for jumping into the conversation. Your point about the potential surplus of male DJs is pretty interesting. I get it, there’s a limited number of headlining slots, and if there are more guys in the mix, that might explain the numbers game.

    But, hey, let’s dig a bit deeper. Why do we have this surplus of male DJs in the first place? Are there hurdles or biases in the industry that keep more women from diving into the DJ scene? That could be part of the puzzle.

    And you caught me – “hard-working” might be stretching it when you’re doing something you love. Fair point. But think about it: even if you love your job, breaking into a scene that might not be as welcoming to your gender could be a bit of a grind, right?

    What’s your take on how we can level the playing field here? Any thoughts on breaking down those barriers and making sure everyone, regardless of gender, gets a fair shot at spinning the decks? Let’s keep the convo going!

  3. Boof on December 16, 2023

    Interesting read. Could it be that there are simply far more maker DJs? With limited slots per night/event/festival promoters have a smaller pool of female headliner DJs. Therefore, they get to play more gigs? Maybe the male DJs would like to gig more? Tell me a DJ who doesn’t want to play more. Calling it “hard-working” when you’re doing something you love is stretching it a bit. IMO of course.

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