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Labels We Love – DirtyBird Records

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Labels We Love – DirtyBird Records

A truly dominant force in the house and techno scene for over a decade!

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic dance music, some record labels emerge as true influencers, shaping the industry’s trajectory. One such powerhouse is Dirtybird Records, a dominant force in the house and techno scene for over a decade.

Claude Vonstroke
Claude Vonstroke

Founded by the visionary Claude VonStroke in 2005, Dirtybird Records swiftly became a breeding ground for a collective of artists who share a deep affinity for groove-infused, vibrant beats. This label’s hallmark “tech-funk” sound seamlessly blends elements of house, techno, and a playful spirit, encapsulating the essence of underground dance music.

One of Dirtybird’s most distinguished attributes is its roster of exceptional artists who have consistently churned out groundbreaking tracks, transforming them into anthems on dancefloors across the globe. Artists like Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Shiba San, and Walker & Royce have been instrumental in shaping the label’s distinct sonic identity.

Justin Martin, celebrated for his soulful, melodic approach, has been an integral part of Dirtybird’s journey since its inception. His releases, including “Don’t Go,” “The Sad Piano,” and “Duck Sauce,” have earned critical acclaim and are staples in DJ sets worldwide.

Shiba San, the French virtuoso, brought his captivating, bass-driven sound to Dirtybird, delivering hits like “Okay” and “All I Need.” His gritty, underground vibe perfectly aligns with the label’s ethos.

Walker & Royce, a dynamic duo known for their eclectic style, have generated buzz with chart-toppers like “Take Me To Your Leader” and “Role Models.” Their innovative production approach adds further diversity to the label’s impressive catalog.

Claude VonStroke, has left an indelible mark on the scene with iconic tracks like “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” and “The Rain Break.” His ability to seamlessly blend infectious basslines with intricate melodies has established him as a trailblazer in electronic music.

Dirtybird Records has consistently released tracks that have dominated charts and dancefloors. Hits like “Birdhouse” by Justin Martin, “Turbosteppa” by Claude VonStroke, and “Bang!” by Shiba San have become dance music essentials, reinforcing Dirtybird’s reputation as a trendsetting label.

the Dirtybird Campout
the Dirtybird Campout

Beyond their prolific artist lineup, Dirtybird’s signature event series, the Dirtybird Campout, has evolved into a must-attend festival for label enthusiasts. Featuring a unique blend of music, interactive experiences, and camaraderie, the Campout embodies Dirtybird’s spirit.

Dirtybird Records represents creativity, individuality, and sheer enjoyment in the electronic dance music realm. With a diverse artist roster, a catalog overflowing with timeless classics, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Dirtybird continues to influence electronic music’s course.

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Written by: HMR

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